After representing other insurance companies for the last five years, I decided to open my own agency in 2019.

As a broker, I can now offer the best plans from a variety of companies for each type of insurances. I now represent Term & Permanent Life, Disability, Short Term Care, Health Insurance, Medicare, Home Health Care, Long Term Care, Hospital Indemnity, Final Expense, Cancer, Dental & Vision.

My decision to become an insurance agent was due in large part to my parents.  So many things were available to them in later years that they knew nothing about, and I want to help educate as many people as possible about ways to protect their health, assets and financial futures. 

We have all worked hard, and deserve the opportunity to be fully informed about ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  Many people struggle needlessly to meet their financial obligations, not being aware of the many way’s insurance can help them.  You might be surprised at the affordability of many of these plans and how much money they can save!

I am proud and privileged to take the time needed to learn about people and their insurance needs.  This enables me to guide them through the options and design plans for insurance that will best suit their particular situation.