life insurance policies we provide

There are a variety of life insurance policies that we can provide. The kind of policy you choose depends on your needs during different stages of your life:

Permanent Life Insurance also called Whole Life

Ideal for the consumer who has a need for life insurance, is somewhat conservative, and wants the guarantees of a fixed monthly premium. Life insurance for your long-term goals as long as you live. You can take loans from your cash value tax free.

Universal Life also called Adjustable Life Insurance

These policies are designed for individuals who want flexibility with their policy. When you make a payment part of it goes into an investment account. You can increase or decrease the amount of the policy.

Indexed Universal Life

May be ideal for those who need a death benefit protection and are wanting cash value accumulation. These are tied to the S&P 500.

Term Life

Makes sense for those who have budget limitations, who need protection for large sums of money for a specific period of time.


Before you can purchase life insurance, you need to qualify for it.

We will ask you to provide us with information that we then use in what is called underwriting. This is the process that an insurance company uses to determine risk.

Second, all of this information is provided to an underwriter. An underwriter is someone who is specially trained to assess your application and determine what risk, if any, may exist. Once all of your information has been reviewed, the company will either approve or deny your request. That process can take days or weeks depending on the information received.

Lastly, your agent will contact you and go over the results of your underwriting and details of your policy.

These products are continually changing and we can provide you with the latest information and policies available.